We as a local body hold to New Covenant Theology as our hermeneutic or it would be more commonly referred as our systematic Theology. The following would be a brief definition of that hermeneutic.

1. One Plan of God Centered in Jesus Christ

2. The Old Testament Should Be Interpreted in Light of the New Testament

3. The Old Covenant Was Temporary by Divine Design

4. The Law Is a Unit

5. Christians Are Not Under the Law of Moses, but the ‘Law’ of Christ

6 . All Members of the New Covenant Community Have the Holy Spirit

7. The Church Is the Eschatological Israel



We believe that God is completely sovereign in everything. More specifically, that our soteriology is Calvinistic. In that God has predestined some to eternal life through His son Jesus Christ.

God has decreed in Himself, before the world was, concerning all things, whether necessary, accidental or voluntary, with all the circumstances of them, to work, dispose, and bring about all things according to the counsel of His own will, to His glory: (Yet without being the author of sin, or having fellowship with anything therein) in which appears His wisdom in disposing all things, unchangeableness, power, and faithfulness in accomplishing His decree: And God has before the foundation of the world, foreordained some men to eternal life, through Jesus Christ, to the praise and glory of His grace; and leaving the rest in their sin to their just condemnation, to the praise of His justice.
Isa.46:10; Eph.1:11; Rom.11:33; Ps.115:3, 135:6, 33:15; 1 Sam.10:9.26; Prov.21:6; Exod.21:13; Prov.16:33; Ps.144; Isa.45:7: Jer.14:22; Matt.6:28,30; Col.1:16, 17; Num.23:19.20 Rom.3:4; Jer.10:10; Eph.1:4,5. Jude 4.6; Prov.16:4.



As a body we would hold that the baptist framework of theology and church practice would be what the bible teaches. Believers baptized ought to agree and join together in a constant profession of the same doctrine of the Gospel, and in professed obedience thereunto, and also in fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers. (Acts 2:42). And a company of baptized believers so agreeing and joining together, are a church or congregation of Christ. (Acts 2:47.)

Jesus Christ has here on earth a spiritual kingdom, which is His Church, whom He has purchased and redeemed to Himself as a peculiar inheritance; which Church is a company of visible saints, called and separated from the world by the word and Spirit of God, to the visible profession of faith of the gospel, being baptized into that faith, and joined to the Lord, and each other, by mutual agreement in the practical enjoyment of the ordinances commanded by Christ their head and king.
Matt.11:11; 2 Thess.1:1; 1 Cor.1:2; Eph.1:1; Rom.1:7; Acts 19:8,9,26:18; 2 Cor.6:17; Rev.18:4; Acts 2:37,10:37; Rom.10:10; Matt.18:19.20; Acts 2:42, 9:26; 1 Pet.2:5.

To this Church He has made His promises, and gives the signs of His covenant, presence, acceptation, love, blessing, and protection. Here are the fountains and springs of His heavenly graces flowing forth to refresh and strengthen them.
Matt.28:18, etc.; 1 Cor.11:24. 3:21; 2 Cor.6:18; Rom.9:4.5; Ps.133:3; Rom.3:7,10; Ezek.47:2.